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The fastest way to learn Mandarin in London

Enjoy Private 1-2-1 Mandarin Chinese Lessons At Your Desk

Now you can learn Mandarin Chinese in London without leaving your desk because I'll come to you!

Dear budding Mandarin speaker,

I have a question for you.

Have you been meaning to start learning Mandarin for a while but somehow never seem to get round to it?

If so, don't worry, you're in good company. Most of my students were in the same position until they found my web site.

I spent the first 20 years of my life in Beijing - now I live in London and I'm going to help you kick-start your Mandarin studies and put you ahead of the learning curve.

Athena Min
Private Mandarin Teacher

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Why bother to learn Mandarin Chinese anyway?

Only a decade ago, China was viewed as an obscure and far-away country with very little relevance to the west.

However, over the last few years, interest in China has grown steadily boosted by Beijing's hosting of the recent 2008 Olympic games.

*** Athena on CNN ***

Click video above to watch Athena interviewed live on CNN International 4th August 2008

China's continued near double-digit economic growth and 1.6 billion new consumers are attracting over $1M of foreign investment every minute meaning within the next few years China is set to become a new economic superpower.


The good news for you is that, despite their best intentions, very few people actually take action and start learning Mandarin meaning you have an excellent opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

Min Dynastys flexible approach to teaching has made my first attempt at learning Chinese easy and fun.

Athena provides great cultural context and is ever so encouraging.

I can arrange the timing of the classes at my convenience and study exactly what I want at a pace that is geared to my personal progress. After only a few lessons I have been able to see significant results. Highly recommendable to anyone wanting to take on a wonderful language!

Christine Hölzle - London SW1

Use others' procrastination to YOUR advantage

The 3 most frequent reasons people give me as to why they don't learn Mandarin are as follows:


I don't have enough time to attend classes.


I feel embarrassed to attend group classes.


I can't find a decent teacher.

Whilst these are valid reasons, I don't think they are the full story.

You see, once I really get talking to people two other very important factors come to light. One is fear and the other is lack of self-discipline. Both are perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

I appreciate that learning a language as an adult is not always easy and fear of failure, especially in front of a group can be paralysing - remember, I had to learn English as a second language so I've been through it.

Likewise, for busy people, time is always a scarce resource and language lessons often get pushed down the priority list.

Learning Mandarin Chinese with me is different

I had tried a number of ways to learn Mandarin - lessons with Athena are the best by far!!

One-to-one tuition is a great option for learning a language so different to English.

Athena has helped me get over the massive initial hurdle, now I feel confident that one day I will be fluent in Mandarin

Michael Wood - Metropolitan Police

When you engage me as your private 1-2-1 Mandarin tutor all of these problems simply evaporate, look:

No need to attend classes after work - I visit you at a time which is convenient for you.

No embarrassing group classes - I provide 1-2-1 tuition at your own pace. Failure is not an option.

I'm an expert teacher - Your money back if you don't agree.

I appreciate that having to travel to lessons is inconvenient and eats into your busy working day, that's why...

I take the hassle out of learning Mandarin by coming to you.

I do not charge for travelling time and understand that your time is valuable. If I'm late, your lesson is free.

I do the travelling so that you don't have to!

As I tutor you in the privacy of your own home or office, you do not have to worry about looking bad in front of other people.

The essential 'C' word

By booking a series of lessons with me you'll be making a *commitment* to yourself to stick at it. I will encourage and inspire you to reach fluency.

If you want to get fit at the gym, the surest way is to hire a personal trainer - think of me as your personal language trainer; I'll make sure you achieve your goals.

Introducing my private 1-2-1 tuition course

My teaching system is based upon the very popular teaching text, "Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way" published by Barron.

You'll receive your own personal copy of this book - worth £11.99 - FREE with your first lesson.

You get a FREE copy of this 183 page, full-colour text book - A real book, NOT just an ebook.

"Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way" is excellent.

I chose it as the framework for my lessons after carefully evaluating many alternatives because it is clear and refreshingly accessible to beginners.

Together we'll cover all 30 sections of the book - and much more besides.

It's a fact, some people take longer than others to learn a new language. With me, you set the pace so you'll never be left behind or held back.

How it works

Step 1

As soon as I receive payment for your first lesson, I contact you to arrange a time and place which is convenient for us to meet.

Step 2

I bring you your FREE copy of "Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way" and give you your first lesson.

Step 3

You decide whether or not you'd like to book further lessons - simple!

Lessons last approximately 1 hour. I travel to you, all I ask is that you are accessible by the London Underground/Bus network.

Ideally, we'll use one of your company's conference rooms or an empty office but we can work at your desk if that is OK by you - and your colleagues!

Your first lesson

At the appointed time, I bring you your FREE copy of "Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way".

During your first lesson we'll discuss what you'd like to achieve and any special requirements you may have.

As I will be teaching you individually, I can tailor lessons to cover areas which you are particularly interested in.

After spending our first hour together, you can decide whether or not you'd like to book me for further sessions. The choice is entirely yours.

I am not a salesperson and will not put you under any pressure. "Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way" is yours to keep whatever you decide.

Learning Mandarin with Athena has been a fun and insightful experience, and I am really looking forward to continuing my studies with her.

I would say to anyone thinking about learning Mandarin dont just think about it do it!

Jamie Ousby - Camberwell Senior Broadcast Engineer, Autoscript Ltd

Subsequent lessons

During subsequent lessons we'll cover each section of "Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way" which include:


Arriving in China


Getting to know people

* Seeing the sights
* Entertainment
* Ordering a meal
* Doing business in China

Remember, as I am teaching you personally on a one to one basis, I can customise the material covered to your specific needs meaning you learn exactly what is right for you.

More than just lessons

I know that learning a language can sometimes feel like a lonely experience and it's frustrating not being able to ask questions between lessons.

That's why I offer students who book a series of lessons with me FREE and UNLIMITED email and telephone support.

If, at any time, you feel you need help between sessions just drop me an email or pick up the phone. This service alone can save you hours of frustration and drastically accelerate your learning experience.

As China opens up to the rest of the world, it has never been more important to learn and understand the Chinese language and culture.

Eric studies Mandarin

Min Dynasty’s personalised learning programme has enabled me to gain further insight into the language, giving me the confidence to speak Mandarin whenever I travel to China.

Eric - East London

Athena has taken a very difficult language to learn and cut it into bite size lessons that you can actually understand, and you see yourself progressing.

Andrea learns Mandarin

Already, I can write paragraphs after only 12 lessons with her! She is able to meet me anytime anywhere which makes things flexible and easier. A language like Mandarin needs to be learned on a one to one basis and I think lessons with Athena are worth everyone penny! It's a true pleasure!

Andrea Curran - Pan-European Equity Sales, Citi

Dear Athena,

I began my chinese lessons just over three months ago. I have been impressed with the speed I have advanced with my study.

Helen's mandarin tuition

I have made a good start to speaking, reading and writing.

Your answers to my questions show the depth of your understanding of comparative grammar and syntax. My memory for vocabulary lets me down, but I hope with practice that I will become more fluent. I would not hesitate to recommend you to a serious student of the chinese language.

Helen - Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

I work in structured finance, and travel regularly to Asia - which is when I fell in love with Mandarin Chinese.

Most of my Mandarin has been self-study over the last couple of years.

Greg's chinese studies

And so, what I enjoy about my lessons with Athena is that she connects with me at my level, correcting and guiding me, so that I don't feel like "just another student".

And if she didn't come to my offices, chances are that I would use the "I'm too busy excuse" - so it's all worked out really well.

Greg - central London

With China's ever increasing importance in the new world order there's no better time to start learning Mandarin, and with Athena's brilliant teaching methods it really couldn't be easier.

Amy's Mandarin Lessons

Lessons with her are always enjoyable and she's incredibly patient and encouraging.

After just 10 lessons I'm feeling so much more confident about my upcoming trip to China. Many thanks!

Amy - Middlesex

I have have just finished my first 10 lessons and signed up for more.

I never enjoyed leaning languages at school but having one on one tuition with Athena I feel I made a great first step to learning a new learning.

She breaks down the language into digestible chunks and is very understanding of other commitments you have which mean you don't always have as much time to go away and study as you would like.

I would recommend to Athena to anybody who wanted to start learning Chinese.


Lessons with Athena are not only very productive but there are also fun.

I am moving to live in Shanghai and Athena has helped with reach a level where I feel confident to communicate in Mandarin, after only 6 months of lessons.

She is a great teacher and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn Mandarin

Natali Deftereos - British Petroleum

I had 7 months to learn Mandarin, my objective being able to speak it during my tour of China in September.

Athena accordingly programmed the course to suit my needs.

By the time I reached my 20th lesson I had a clearer understanding of the language and felt sufficiently confident that I had the essential vocabulary and oral skills to hold conversations in Mandarin.

Not only have I learnt from an excellent teacher, I have also found myself a friend! Lessons might have been intensive, but there was always room for fun and humour.

My only regret is that I was not acquainted with Athena many years ago; had I been, I would by now be fully conversant in Mandarin! In any case, Xi xi Lao Shi. Xi c jin.

Bee - London

Athena is a superb teacher who is friendly, patient and flexible.

I am amazed by how much progress I have made learning Chinese in only a short period of time!

She has made an otherwise daunting task into an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Her lessons are perfectly focused to my requirements and I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to anyone else who is interested in learning this important and fascinating language.

Oliver - Managing Director
Scalpel Research Ltd

How Much Does It Cost?

By now I am sure you're asking yourself how much expert personal tuition like this costs.

As I am sure you'll appreciate, on-site specialist 1-2-1 tuition usually commands a significant premium. In fact, many private teachers charge over £90 per hour for similar services.

Indeed, in the past, I've sold my time for more than this but for a limited time I am offering lessons at just 50% of this price - £45 per hour IF YOU ORDER BEFORE 1st December 2018 (Subject to availability).

I'm doing this to encourage a select few students to book up early so that I can plan my diary in advance.

My time is limited so once another 10,9,8,7,6,5,4, 3 (last updated 13/11/18), students have enrolled I will increase my price to £90 per hour.

The price of your first and subsequent lessons are shown below:


Your first 1 hour lesson costs just £45 and includes your FREE copy of "Learn Chinese The Fast And Fun Way" worth £11.95

Subsequent Lessons

Subsequent lessons are charged on a sliding scale depending on how many you pre-book.

15 Lessons: £641.50 (5% discount)
30 Lessons: £1,215.00 (10% discount)

50 Lessons: £1,912.50 (15% discount)


I found Athena to be not only an extremely high-quality teacher but also one who places a lot of thought and preparation into each of her classes.

Her lessons were adapted to suit both my learning style as well as my busy timetable enabling me to learn to the best of my capabilities.

The homework she set was to consolidate the previous week's lesson and wed also have a recap at the start of each lesson; this process helped engrain each and every lesson in my memory.

I would thoroughly recommend Athena to anyone who is looking to start or improve their Mandarin; she tailors the lessons to fit you leading to excellent results and linguistic improvement.

Julien Beynon

Money Back Guarantee

Finally, here’s one last thing to remove any hesitation you might have about booking your private Mandarin Chinese lessons with me:

Chinese tattoos guarentee

I am so confident that you'll be delighted with my performance as a teacher that I am backing my lessons with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. No small print, no weasel words. Please read the next paragraph carefully because it's important.

"If, having completed a course of lessons, you decide that you didn't get sufficient value from them I will refund your money in full."

Athena Min

Beat the price rise & receive your free text book by ordering your first lesson today for just £45.

Simply click the 'Buy Now 'button below

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P.S. Remember, these heavily discounted prices are only available until 1st December 2018 or until 3 (last updated 13/11/18) more students have enrolled (whichever is the sooner) so please order today to avoid disappointment.

P.P.S.S. If you don't have a place for us to meet in, don't worry. I have premises which we can use. Please call me for details.


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